Thursday, November 21, 2013

Field trip


I thoroughly enjoyed our field trip and felt that it was really enriching  particularly to hear  Aimee Mullins discuss her life and the obstacles she had to face to get to where she is today. It was soooo mind blowing how many artist she worked with, I wondered whether she knew the magnitude  of talent that she's been surrounded by. When we broke up for the second session it was a smidge boring but I did enjoy the enthusiasm  of one of the main speakers. 
The only part that disappointed me is that we weren't able to go into the actual museum. I've never been and was really hoping to be able to explore and behold some amazing art. Cars didn't cut it for me even though they were cool...but I had a fun time and it was exciting to go on adventure of sorts with everyone.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I don't fit in boxes!


Since the outward appearance was supposed to be how others perceive us I thought it would be acceptable to make my own  random trapezoidal shape since I honestly have never felt as if individuals other then my close family or friends have been able to quite know what to make of me...I am peculiar...I know this...I've always been the over-eccentric  art person and it suits me pretty well. But internally I'm pretty shy and suffer from anxiety and agoraphobia. To lessen this I usually try to have some small object of comfort with me at all times, like a scrap of fabric from an old quilt which I included here. Most of the other internal structure is personal but I did include some of my favorite colors. And also anatomical  elements since I've had to deal with chronic illness for a majority of my life, anatomy has been a fascination of mine since I was little and from seeing some of my own X-rays and ultrasound images...

If it wasn't okay for me make up my own "box" I sincerely apologize, I was raised with the belief that it is better  to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission.

Journal #8: school observation #5

Throughout my observation all students were treated fairly, neither favoring more so to one specific race/gender or out rightly but she does interact differently towards some ESL students (but they were new so it was understandable). The classroom appears to be inclusive at least on my cooperating teachers part.
For the most part my cooperating teacher allows the students to sit where ever they choose but luckily there aren't many students  (if any) that are ostracized  because of this but you can still clearly see that small "clicks" influenced the feeling of the individual classes.  The one negative "race issue" that I observed was between students shouting various ethnic slurs at one another but it was addressed immediately.

Journal #5: School observation #2

"Art is for everyone" is the root of my cooperating teachers personal teaching philosophy. I was able to discuss this with her in depth and found that most of her beliefs correlated with my own. She treats all of her students as if they were her own children and always attempts to connect with them. Most students respond positively to this but there are a select few that try to either take advantage of her kind disposition or just completely act crazy....
But inclusive teaching is very important to her and it shows since she why such a popular teacher. I enjoy her passion and believe I will be able to maintain a similar kind of  rapport with my future students whoever they may be.