Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Journal #1:

        First and foremost I consider myself as an artist and generally art influences a great deal of my life. I'm a member of a few local artist groups and really I joy and thrive off of surrounding myself with other creative individuals. 
        Over the summer (and when ever I can get the chance) I become engrossed in art and to the point that it's what I do from the moment I awake, till dusk; spending hours  or sometimes working for a few days straight... I invest my whole heart in my work regardless if it is just personal projects or commissions.
        I'm somewhat agoraphobic and am an introvert at heart, but I do cherish a small tight-knit group of friends and family. All of whom have been a pivotal part of helping me form as a person.
 Right now I live in the country, which I enjoy a great deal. Having the open space and separation from the city and noise; to be able to connect with nature feels best to me.
        As for my image I feel as if it needs a description since it is a bit jumbled and abstract but I incorporated things that I enjoy:  like doodles, experimental shading  and even a cow eye (that day I was daydreaming about my sisters house which is deeper in the country then mine. She has cows on her property of whom, we both enjoy feeding treats like Cheerios or lucky charms when I come to visit.) 


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