Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Journal #2:

          For my complexity of self project I chose Yoskay Yamamoto  a contemporary  "low-brow" artist who mainly works in sculpture and instillation based art. I feel as if his own inspiration and influences  of popular culture as an artist, will help capture the students interest but also allow them to further engage and analyze the deeper meaning  and stories that he achieves within his work . Thusly incorporating both the students own passions and allow for critical thinking about how they see themselves.

          The assignment is  aimed for high school level students  to make an anthropomorphic spirit animal or mythical being based on their life. The sculpture itself can be made of any materials the student so chooses, however it must incorporate/ show :

-understanding of form and composition 

-genuine effort put forth


In addition to the sculpture itself the students are to write a description of their piece, how they believe the sculpture represent them, and whatever other opinions or cool facts they would like to tell me about their spirit animal/creature.

                For my spirit animals I chose to make a sloth, it's one of my favorite animals.


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