Thursday, October 10, 2013

School observation #4

Overall my cooperating teacher is pretty lax with general discipline and classroom management. 
There is only one small sign posted in the whole room, of rules which are as follows: 

1. Respect others and their property/ artworks.

2. Respect all Art materials

3. Be prepared  for class and be on time.

4. Clean up after yourself and keep your workstation in a neat and orderly manor.


6. All other NEHS rules apply.

 The classes can get a bit loud and rowdy but as far as I have been able to observe nothing ever goes beyond just verbal warnings. One reward that I have observed is that if the students complete their assignment early and have good quality work my cooperating teacher will post photos of their work on her own artist account on Instagram if the student would like to share it.
Material distribution and basic organization are the students responsibility and the class room layout for the most part seems to be organized enough to where students can find what they need but it is still a bit chaotic for my taste. 
The back room that's used for storage of the remainder of materials is in complete disarray (I wasn't  permitted back there the first day because it was so bad) with posters, a mass of fabric, yarn, still life supplies, paint, etc. the only clear place on the floor is the little safety square that's around the small kiln the school has. 
 Since it is older students a vast majority of their work is done independently with slight assistance/guidance given when asked for. Materials do seem to vary between levels but I'm still getting adjusted to the odd class structures.

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