Thursday, October 10, 2013

School observation 1#


I am observing Mrs. Palmenteri who currently  oversees  63 students total, and is the head art teacher at Northeast Guilford High School.
 It is a lower middle class has nearly an even population of Caucasian and African American with as small percentage of Latino and Asian American students.  
The structure for each period of classes I'm able to observe consist of  three to four different class levels (art 3, art 4, honors art 4 and AP art) which was a little confusing and odd to me.
The classes were pretty loud and rowdy (which I completely didn't expect especially on my first day) but a majority of the student were doing their assignment of self portraits in charcoal or pastel.
 Each level had slight adjustments to their requirements and the higher levels had to incorporate more into the background of their drawings  and had a more difficult rubric when it came to critique.
I enjoy my cooperating teacher very much and her teaching philosophy seems to correlate with my own, she has been teaching for over 10 years and her experience and  the relationship she's able to create with her students is pretty inspiring. 
(The images of the student work were taken by my cooperating teacher and posted online with the students permission) 

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