Thursday, October 10, 2013

School observation #3: Visual journals

                                                        My visual Journal 

The main goal was just to give a break after a large  project/critique and was used as a creative outlet for the students to experiment with new materials. In her class she does usually have "Visual journal Friday" the subject matter evolves but I believe the same premise of it being creative outlet remains the same.
 Requirements for this particular journal were to include: 3  circles properly  shaded to create depth, some kind of collage element, variety of color, and to try a new medium.  While the students were working, my cooperating teacher showed YouTube videos about  a variety of visual journals and also played music ( mainly folk or indie). 
She provided new materials of stencils, woodless graphite and higher quality acrylic paint (most of which she purchased with her own money since the budget for art supplies is small). So distribution of those materials actually depended on her and I. But the remainder of the class just consisted of completing the journals and "art chatter" amongst the students. 

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