Thursday, October 10, 2013

Journal #3: Issue based lesson idea: Dealing with grief

Although grief is not a social issue per say  I believe it is an important topic to discuss within all grade levels since it is such an inevitable part within the human condition and something that all of us have had to experience or will experience within our life time.


 Motoi Yamamoto is an instillation based artist who works in salt,  in memory of his sister who passed away from brain cancer. For the assignment with High School  aged students I would like to share a few of the short documentaries about Yamamoto and his work then to have a class discussion about their own experiences of loss and grieving. 
Afterwards  they are to research historical art based on memorializing those that have passed away ( such as funerary pottery in Peru ,folk paintings for dia de Los muertos, hieroglyphics, etc.)  and create their own artwork memorializing someone they've lost either with sculpture, painting or drawing. They may choose whatever mediums they would like but it must be at least 6x6 inches if it's a painting  or drawing, and must be free standing if it is a sculpture. If the students would like to do instillation based art it would have to be done in teams and not exceed the space allowed. Regardless of medium the understanding of composition, line, and form must be shown.

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